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Thank you for considering Ceiling Impex Pvt. Ltd. (CIPL Group) for your commercial ceiling solutions. As a leading supplier of high-quality interior building materials and solutions, we offer a wide range of products from top national and international brands. Our partnerships with well-known lighting brands enable us to provide high-quality interior lighting products at competitive prices.

Our commercial ceiling solutions are tailored for offices, retail stores, hospitals, banks, and shopping malls. We provide various ceiling materials, including false ceilings, acoustical ceiling boards, and soft fiber tiles and shapes. Additionally, our product range includes flooring materials, wall finishes, sanitary ware, lighting fixtures, electrical fixtures, electronic accessories, and hardware, all available at the best prices.

With branches in major cities across India, including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Patna, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that our clients receive the best possible solutions for their commercial ceiling needs.

Welcome to Ceiling Impex, your trusted partner for cutting-edge Commercial Ceiling Solutions. As a leading player in the industry, Ceiling Impex, also known as CIPL Group, specializes in delivering high-quality ceiling solutions tailored for commercial spaces, including offices, retail stores, hospitals, banks, and shopping malls. Our extensive range of commercial ceiling materials is crafted to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of dynamic work and retail environments.

Explore our diverse selection of commercial ceiling solutions designed to meet the unique needs of various settings. Whether you are seeking acoustic ceilings for an office environment, stylish options for a retail store, or functional solutions for a hospital, Ceiling Impex has the perfect ceiling solution for your specific requirements.

With branches strategically located in major cities across India, including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Patna, Ceiling Impex ensures efficient and prompt PAN India services. Our widespread presence enables us to cater to the ceiling needs of site owners, architects, interior designers, builders, and contractors.

Elevate your commercial spaces with the perfect blend of superior lighting and commercial ceiling solutions from Ceiling Impex. Transform your interiors into efficient and stylish environments that reflect the essence of your business.

Beyond Functionality: CIPL Group’s Commercial Ceiling Solutions for Inspired Workspaces

In the dynamic world of commerce, your ceiling shouldn’t just hang there – it should soar. At CIPL Group, we understand that commercial ceilings are more than just architectural elements; they’re tools for shaping brand identity, optimizing acoustics, and influencing employee well-being. Whether it’s fostering focused work in an open office or igniting customer excitement in a retail store, our diverse portfolio empowers you to craft spaces that inspire and perform.

Architect Your Vision, Ceiling to Floor:

Imagine the sleek sophistication of metal grid ceilings echoing your brand’s modern edge in a corporate lobby, the playful patterns of acoustic clouds invigorating brainstorming sessions in a collaboration zone, the warm elegance of wooden panels adding a touch of nature to a bank, or the seamless functionality of stretch ceilings maximizing floor space in a bustling shopping mall. With CIPL Group, your vision, no matter how bold or minimalist, takes flight from above.

Quality Built on Trust:

We collaborate with industry leaders like Aerolite, Gyproc (Saint-Gobain), Bison Panel, Everest, Knauf Ceiling Solutions, Visaka, Knauf Danoline, Hilux, USG Knauf, and Armstrong, bringing you unparalleled quality and cutting-edge innovation. From fire-resistant panels to sound-absorbing baffles, our commercial ceiling solutions cater to every functional and safety need, ensuring durability and lasting value. We prioritize sustainability too, offering a range of eco-friendly options like recycled timber panels and low-VOC paints that contribute to a healthy environment and boost your brand’s green credentials.

Your Local Ceiling Architects:

Our team of ceiling specialists are your trusted collaborators, working closely with site owners, architects, interior designers, builders, and contractors. We’re not just product suppliers; we’re your ceiling allies, offering expert advice and recommendations tailored to your specific needs, brand identity, and budget. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the serene hills of Guwahati, our extensive network across India ensures prompt and efficient service, making your project a seamless success.

More Than Just Materials:

At CIPL Group, we understand that commercial ceilings are an extension of your brand language. We’re not just ceiling experts; we’re ceiling storytellers, weaving together functionality, aesthetics, and technical considerations to create a space that reflects your brand ethos and fosters productivity. Whether it’s strategically placed lighting coves highlighting products in a retail store or noise-dampening baffles creating focused work zones in an open office, we design ceilings that work as hard as your team does to achieve your goals.

Step into the CIPL Group Experience:

Our dedicated team is eager to embark on this journey with you, transforming your commercial ceilings into canvases of inspiration, performance, and lasting impact.

Choose CIPL Group, and let your ceilings become the silent storytellers of your brand’s success.