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Ozone Hardware Dealer & Distributor

Welcome to Ceiling Impex, your trusted dealer for OZONE architectural hardware solutions. As the largest authorized Ozone Architectural Hardware supplier & Distributor in India, we bring you unparalleled quality and reliability in every product, We offer OZONE products renowned for their precision engineering, durability, and modern designs.

At Ceiling Impex, we understand that every detail matters when it comes to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Our company, also known as CIPL Group, specializes in providing top-quality interior building materials. Whether you’re designing modern offices, retail stores, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, resorts, conference centers, convention centers, schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes, process industries, data centers, discrete industries, warehouses, or other industrial setups, we have you covered.

Our partnership with the renowned company Ozone Hardware allows us to offer high-quality flooring products at the best prices. From door fittings to glass fittings, furniture hardware, and security systems, our extensive range of Ozone Architectural Hardware caters to diverse needs across residential, commercial, and industrial spaces

Why Choose Ceiling Impex as your Ozone Architectural Hardware Supplier:

 – Unmatched Ozone Selection: Explore a wide variety of Ozone products that redefine functionality and style in architectural hardware.
 – Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff guides you through every aspect of the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect solutions tailored to your specific project requirements.
 – Quality Beyond Compare: Ozone Architectural Hardware stands as a symbol of innovation, reliability, and contemporary design. We uphold these values in every product we offer.
 – Technical Expertise: Count on us for precise installation and responsive after-sales support.
 – Nationwide Reach: With branches in major cities across India—including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Patna—we facilitate PAN India services efficiently.

CIPL Group believes that even the smallest details can elevate a space. Ozone Architectural Hardware, India’s leading manufacturer of premium door and window fittings, brings exquisite craftsmanship and innovative solutions to every project. With our extensive network of branches, we ensure that every detail reflects the uncompromising quality and elegance of OZONE Hardware.

Our Architectural Hardware Collection:

Hydraulic Patch Fittings
– Self Closing Hydraulic Bottom Patch For Glass Doors
– Hydraulic Door Rail
– Self Closing Hydraulic Bottom Patch For Wooden Doors

Glass Door Hardware
– Ozo-Shield Counter
– S-Series Glass Fittings
– Patch Fittings
– Glass Door And Locks
– Door Rail And Wedge System
– Sliding System
– Partition Systems
– Shower Glass Hardware
– Shower Cubicle Accessories
– Sheet Metal Spiders
– Spiders & Canopy Fittings
– Spider Accessories

Door Control Devices
– Floor Spring For Doors
– Lever Handle SS
– Door Closers
– Door Locks & Accessories
– Emergency Exit Door Fittings
– Sliding Doors
– Wooden Sliding Folding

Steel Railing & Hardware
– Standard Railing Systems
– Railing Accessories
– Clear Line Railing System
– Customized Railing
– Wing Line Railing & PARTITION SYSTEM

Sensors Doors Intelligent Locks
– Automatic Door Systems
– Hotel Rfid Card Locks
– Digital Door Locks
– Movable Acoustic Wall Partition Systems

Visit any of our branches or connect with us online to explore our premium Ozone Architectural Hardware collection. Experience the epitome of quality and innovation with Ozone Architectural Hardware through Ceiling Impex. Let’s create spaces that tell stories of refinement and quality together!